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Roco 1

Roco 2



Quantity Item ID Description MSRP Cost
ROC37642 TT Gondola of the Austrian Federal Railways (RailCargoAustria), type Eanos. Epoch VI $31.24
ROC52462 HO Diesel locomotive BR 142, DR $108.90
ROC56330 HO Self unloading hopper wagon, NS $21.34
ROC64604 Behelfspersonenwg. DRB $27.39
ROC73254 HO Electric locomotive Re 4/4ˡˡ, SBB $257.40
ROC76172 HO 3 piece set self unloading hopper wagons, SNCF $100.10
ROC76175 HO 3 piece set swing roof wagons, DB AG $100.10
ROC76461 Teleskophaubenwagen grün $29.04
ROC76703 HO Dust silo wagon, ÖBB $52.69
ROC76932 HO Container carrier wagon, Hyundai DC $53.79
ROC78237 HO Steam locomotive 044 119, DB $422.40






Quantity Item ID Description MSRP Cost
FLM394075 HO Diesel locomotive class 215, DB AG $268.40
FLM424005 HO Diesel locomotive class 215, DB AG $185.90
FLM424075 HO Diesel locomotive class 215, DB AG $268.40
FLM738971 N Electric locomotive class 187 (Traxx 3), DB AG $268.40
FLM738972 N Electric locomotive 487 001 (class 187), Swiss Rail traffic $279.40




Roco SmartRail Rolling Track Bed

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Experience model trains in a whole new way!

Accelerate, brake, use lights and sound....

Use all of these functions with a HO Scale digital or analogy locomotive on the high end rolling bed!






Control your locomotive like a real train operator!

Use the touch panel found on the intelligent rolling track bed OR your smartphone/tablet PC. Download realistic drivers cabs of the original locomotives.


z21 smartrai


Quantity Item ID Description MSRP Cost
ROC10815 SmartRail Rolling Bed Track $599.99




Z21 Digital Control Center

Additional Product Information:




Intuitive operating concept for beginners and pros, control of the model railway locomotives through virtual, photorealistic drivers' cabs of different types of vehicles.

■ Easily manage and administrate large train fleets

■ Multi-protocol center for DCC and Motorola© formats

■ Upgrade for existing digitally controlled layouts through backwards compatibility, i.e. multiMAUS, Lokmaus 2

■ Switching of turnouts and soleonids

■ RailCom* compatible

■ Software and sound of our ZIMO-Sound-Decoders can be updated at anytime

■ Connection of Smartphone, Tablet-PC, WLAN-MULTIMAUS, multiMAUS

■ Plug & Play - connect and you are ready to go !

■ Camera locomotives via Z21 app

■ Integrated interface for connecting a PC

■ Easily connect to your Smartphone via pre-configurated WLAN routerFor More Information


Quantity Item ID Description MSRP Cost
ROC10822 Z21 Control Center $466.83

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